't Is Goed Zo

52 minuten
Eelco choses death by legal euthanasia. A film about his mission, breaking the taboos, but also about intense fellowship and farewell. The last moments of a man with mental unbearable and hopeless suffering. He is tired of life and choses death, by legal euthanasia. What do those moments look like? It was Eelco’s wish to record the last stage of his life but also to show the world how his bereaved deal with his death afterwards. His mission: to bring mental suffering and death as a solution into the open in our society. A heavy social mission, but the result is mostly an intimate film about friendship and letting go. Produced and directed by: Jesse van Venrooij (FilmMoment) Length: 52 minutes languages: Dutch Subtitles: English or Dutch Link trailer: https://vimeo.com/filmmoment/tisgoedzotrailer
opgroeienouder wordenleven & doodgeloof & religiedeugd & ondeugd